Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Forestry tasmania's cover up

Sue Neales was on the right track with her story titled $22m in forest funds sit idle (HERE)

The story regarding unspent funds received by Forestry Tasmania as part of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement TCFA was immediately rebutted by FT’s Hans Drielsma (HERE) who denied any hoarding of funds saying a prudent plan was in place to spend the remaining $22 million, a figure from internal FT spreadsheets obtained under RTI and referred to by Sue Neales.

But the truth is much worse, if one chooses to believe Mike Blake, the Auditor General. The TCFA future commitments far exceed the available cash on hand. There is an eerie resemblance between FT’s use of TCFA funds to operate and Mr Aird’s use of the SPA account to fund current Government programs.
Let’s start at the beginning.