Saturday, 21 December 2019

Tell us about Basslink before approving Marinus

THERE’S an eerie feeling of deja vu about Project Marinus, the second electricity interconnector proposed for Bass Strait.

Both major political parties at the federal level announced support for the project before the May election. The recently released business case contains media releases from Prime Minister Morrison and then opposition leader Shorten. One can’t help but feel the business case is really a search for reasons for doing something that has already been decided.

It was the same story 20 years ago. Both the Bacon government and the previous Rundle government supported Basslink. In early 2000, Hydro Tasmania signed a preliminary agreement for the construction of Basslink which was built by Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL). At this early stage it was not an irrevocable commitment, but Hydro proceeded as if it was.