Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Mid Year Report: What to look for

Premier Giddings releases the Mid-Year Financial Report later today. The following are five things to look for:

1.      For 2013/14 do government’s cash outlays still exceed cash inflows? How long will this continue?

2.      The government survived 2012/13 by cutting the capex budget. Does the revised budget for 2013/14 include further downward revisions of capex amounts (infrastructure, roads etc)? How long can this continue?

3.     As the Auditor General confirmed yesterday, the government has survived by internally borrowing amounts received for other purposes, the Royal Hobart Hospital for example. Does the Mid Year update confirm a rise in the level of internal borrowings?. What is the expected figure as at 30th June 2014.

4.     When will we be able to start repaying the internal borrowings? In other words when will cash receipts exceed cash outlays?

5.     Have the capex outlays relating to the Royal Hobart Hospital ($500 million+) been rescheduled? Or is the upgrade still on track?


  1. I can feel another Greater Tassie Train Wreck coming on, in the wake of the Great Tassie Forest Industry Train Wreck.
    How much is the Government investing in new rolling stock to replaced that already written off? Will the Ides of March produce a rescue package or just more chaos and wreckage?
    Who has any confidence in the future of Tasmania?

    Looking forward to your detailed report on the State finances JL. Cheers!

  2. John the comment above is spam.

  3. Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.