Saturday, 20 February 2016

Negative gearing

At last the public discussion on the subject of negative gearing seems to be making progress.

Matt Ellis writing as  Rational Radical sums up the arguments to perfection here. If you've got a few minutes it's a must read.

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  1. Education is what is required if the Australian public is to come to understand the depth of the folly of the current housing bubble and the continued incentivisation of it by negative gearing. Unfortunately we won't educate our selves about money in our schools and most folks just aren't interested enough to educate them selves at home, even though we now have the greatest tool imaginable, the net, to drop the required information into our eyes and minds. IF anyone is interested in learning about the concepts that Matt Ellis is expressing in his article you could do a lot worse than read Michael Hudson's book, "Killing the Host". ( paste to your browser for an audio interview with Michael Hudson)