Monday, 22 January 2018

Pokie backflip?

The extension of pokie machine into community pubs and clubs was initially bitterly opposed by the Federal Group. Until it got a better deal. 

In the interim it submitted an alternative  to a LegCo inquiry in 1993 proposing increased numbers of pokies at the two casinos.

What Ms White is now proposing and what Federal Group now ferociously opposes, is virtually the same as the policy it fully supported in 1993. 

The following are snapshots from the 1993 submission:

The pro pokie lobby have been quick to point out Labor's change of mind suggests hypocrisy and ulterior motives. But  historical amnesia is widespread. Nothing in the past 25 years remotely compares with Federal Group's mother of all backflips........ a reverse 4.5 somersault in the pike position. Little wonder Mr Farrell restricts questions at press conferences. 

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